Quick Message Templates

Quick Messages are a device-specific feature supported by a number of Orbcomm/Skywave gateway devices and their connected Garmin screen devices. It gives managers the ability to initiate communication from the hub to its connected Garmin devices by way of standard pre-written messages and Lua code chunks. These messages can be configured with the device to perform a number of advanced tasks and functionality, and represent one of the most advanced feature sets in the portal.

Quick Message From Templates

Quick Message From-mobile Templates are the more powerful of the two because of their ability to trigger other events and features, like initiating a Fuel Log entry, triggering a Help message, or a slew of custom-programmed options. By default, Quick Message From-mobile Templates fall into a set number of message types, each of which has a corresponding effect on the device and in the portal, especially when paired with a Lua code chunk.

QMF Message Types
  • Basic: basic message types are usually plain text responses to other Quick Messages sent to the device from the Gateway. These messages typically do not trigger any additional activity unless an Alert has been set up to monitor for their condition.
  • Advanced: advanced message types are typically used in conjunction with a specially developed Lua agent and a user’s custom Lua code chunk.
  • Help: can be configured to trigger the Help protocols and any Help Message Alerts that have been configured in the portal.
  • Refuel: can be used to initiate a refueling log entry in the portal with the postion, time, and date, which can be supplemented in the log with the volume of fuel and the odometer reading.
  • Status: initiates a Status change in the Asset’s status in the portal to whatever the reported Status is.
  • Pause: can be configured to update Asset Status to Paused. Updates to Resume when no longer paused.
  • Factory: can be configured to reset the Garmin device to factory settings.
  • Response: can be configured to send additional text as part of a standard response message.

Quick Message To Templates

Quick Message to Templates are much simpler versions of inter-device communications, as the Quick Message to Templates are sent from the hub to its Garmin devices, and are plain text. They cannot be configured to do anything except display a message on the connected device’s UI. These messages are typically pushed from the portal to the devices as a means of requesting some kind of communication or distributing important information en masse. Common Quick Message to Templates that portal users set up are:

  • Status/check-in Request
  • Contact/call Request
  • 911: Be Aware of Dangerous Weather
  • 911: Be Aware of Hostile Environment