Places are, as the name implies, specific points on the map that have been saved to the user’s account in order to be accessed, referenced, visible, and utilized with other features in the future. Places can be actual places of interest or significance, offices, homes, customer addresses, or even just reported positions that needed to be saved (for example: the exact location, date , and time where an incident occurred, a fishing hole, the exact location of a favorite hiking view, etc).

Once created, Places will be visible on the map view unless the user toggles them off, and whether visible or not, users will be able to use them with other features like Geofences, Alerts, Get Route, Waypoints, Trips, Journeys, Reports, and Shared Views.

Interacting with Places

The majority of ways in which people can interact with Places involve their location characteristics. The Get Route tool allows users to route Assets to the Place, and a number of Reports use the location data of a given Place as a reference or filtering criteria. Whether or not Assets are near a place can filter Reports like Asset Location Reports and Asset Movement Reports.