Map Layers

Map Layers are specialized data resources that enhance the experience of the tracking interface with actionable information overlays that dramatically improve cross-referencing activities in Live Mode. The platform comes equipped with a number of Map Layers based on account level, and users have the ability to incorporate their own near-real-time visual data feeds as well with higher level accounts.

Default Map Layers

A number of specialty data layers allow users to visualize the latest information affecting their Assets in the field. These maps contain information about environmental and route factors that are likely to affect the operation and safety of their Assets and Operators.

  • Maritime
  • US Weather Radar
  • AUS Weather Radar
  • World Satellite Infrared
  • Traffic
  • Weather Forecast
  • Oil

Constellations and their coverage areas can also be overlaid on the map.

  • Iridium Satellites
  • Iridium NEXT Satellites
  • Inmarsat Satellites
  • Globalstar Satellites
  • Orbcomm Satellites
  • Comm. Satellites

Toggle and Manage Map Layers

To turn any Map Layer on or off, visit the Map View in Live Mode or History Mode, and look to the Map Tools Bar. There will be an icon that looks like 3 tiles stacked on top of one another (), which will open a menu that allows users to click on the Map Layers they wish to toggle on or off. Map Layers that are toggled on will be highlighted and will have a check mark next to their names. Click them again to toggle them off.

Some Map Layers require the user’s view area to be zoomed to a certain level (in or out) in order to display data or for users to actually be able to see it (becuse it makes colored or shaded regions that can only be identified when zoomed further out). If your desired Map Layer is toggled on and you do not see data, zoom in and out until the data comes into view.

To configure the available Map Layers, visit the Manage Module and select the Map Layers option. For users with custom Map Layers included in their service package, they can Add Custom Map Layers from the Manage interface.