What are they

Geofences are specialized Map Objects that allow users to designate specific areas on the Map and apply special considerations to them with other features in the app. Geofences can be drawn radially around a place, asset, or any point on a map, and can also be drawn as a polygon or radially around a route made with the Get Route tool.

Interacting with Geofences

Geofences generate the majority of their value in conjunction with other features in the application, and are part of a number of automation and alert-based knowledge systems .


Geofences work with Alerts in a number of ways, both as triggering conditions and as filtering conditions. The majority of Geofence usage by power users pivots around the ability to create Alerts for any activity related to Geofences, whether enter/exit, dwell, or proximity.

Bulk Actions

Geofences are another way to perform bulk actions with Assets, similarly to the ways in which users would use Asset Groups. For example, users can set a Geofence, and then message all assets inside that Geofence with a single action. Additionally, users can run location reports on Assets inside the fence, as well as watch the history of those assets’ movement.

Add Alert

The Add Alert action button opens the Add Alert form with the “Inside Fence” filter pre-populated with the selected Geofence pre-filled.

Asset Location Report

The Asset Location Report action button will populate an Asset Location Report with pre-filtered results to include only Asses inside of the selected Geofence. Users can toggle the parameters of the report after it has been run. Users may also export the completed report in any of the standard formats available to the platform (Print, Excel, PDF, KML).

Group Assets

The Group Assets action button will open the Add Asset Group page with the names of the Assets currently inside that Geofence included in the Group. Users often employ this feature to track the position history of Assets after they were in a given area during a significant event. It can be useful for filtering in History Mode, or for running various types of Reports with isolated Assets.

Send Message

For devices that support two-way messaging, users will be able to send a custom text message to them as a bulk action. Users simply click the Send Message action button, deselect any Assets they wish to exclude as recipients, then type the message text and hit Send Message.

History Replay

The History Replay action button opens the History Mode with all devices not included in the Geofenced area hidden from the Map View. Users will have the option to toggle the viewable time period as normal.

Geofence Segments

When creating Geofences, users will be asked to draw several segments on the map. These segments can be either radial shapes that automatically fill themselves after two points have been selected, or they can be freeform shapes. When creating a Geofence, each shape will appear a different color until the final Geofence has been saved.

Users can add overlapping segments, disjointed segments, and mixed shape types to a single geofence. All segments drawn while creating the fence will be included in the final fence area.

Additionally, users can create Geofences from the Get Route feature, which will populate a Geofence around the Route with a buffer distance of up to two thousand meters.